Tea-A Magical Potion for Mind and Body
Improves the quality of the blood and maintains the health of the skin.
Green tea contains such essential vitamins as B, C and traces of A.
A mild stimulant that helps to reduce fatigue.
An astringent that helps the body rid itself of impurities.
Green tea is an alkaline! non-acidic substance which Ls gentle on the stomach while contributing to overall good health.
Types of tea Servings Amount of tea Temp. of hot water Volume of hot water Brewing time
Sencha 3 6g 70°C 180ml 120 sec.
Genmaicha 5 15g Boiling water 650ml 30 sec.
Hojicha 5 15g Boiling water 650ml 30 sec.
Macha 3 6g 60° - 80°C 60 - 180ml 60 sec.
Tea bags 1 1 bag 80°C or boiling water 100ml 30 sec.
This chart describes the standard method for making various types of tea. But let your taste buds be your guide for
making tea the way you like it.